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Local Officials

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions: What do they do? The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) is the most directly representative elected body in D.C.  The ANCs were established to bring government closer to the people and to bring the people closer to government. They facilitate conversations and make recommendations as the official neighborhood voice to the District. Your local ANC deals with issues regarding transportation, alcoholic beverage control, planning, and zoning. Each neighborhood’s ANC meets once a month to discuss these issues, and independent committees and task forces meet separately.

How to find your ANC?

  • ANC 6B—Capitol Hill, Southeast
    • ANC 6B01—Jennifer Samolyk (Commissioner)
    • ANC 6B02—Gerald Sroufe (Secretary)
    • ANC 6B03—Brian Ready (Chairperson)
    • ANC 6B04—Kirsten Oldenburg (Commissioner)
    • ANC 6B05—Steve Holtzman (Commissioner)
    • ANC 6B06—Corey Holman (Treasurer)
    •  ANC 6B07—Kelly Waud (Parliamentarian)
    • ANC 6B08—Chander Jayaraman (Vice-Chairperson)
    • ANC 6B09—Kasie Clark (Commissioner)
    • ANC 6B10—Denise Krepp (Commissioner)
  • ANC 6A—H Street
    • ANC 6A01—Marie-Claire Brown
    • ANC 6A02—Phil Toomajian (Vice-Chair)
    • ANC 6A03—Mike Soderman (Secretary)
    • ANC 6A04—Amber Gove (Chair)
    • ANC 6A05—Ruth Ann Hudson
    • ANC 6A06—Stephanie Zimny
    • ANC 6A07—Sondra Philips-Gilbert
    • ANC 6A08—Brian Alcorn (Treasurer)

Citywide Officials

  • Mayor:
  • Council:
    • Meet the Council
    • What do they do? As the central and chief policy-making body for the District of Columbia, the Council’s mission is to provide strong, innovative, and effective leadership for the benefit of residents across the city.
    • The NoMa/H Street Civic Association’s Councilmember is Charles Allen covering all of Ward 6 on the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety.

Health and Public Safety

  • NoMa Bid— In addition to Hospitality Ambassadors, who walk throughout the neighborhood, the BID coordinates with the Metropolitan Police Department and other agencies and organizations to improve neighborhood safety. Every month, the BID office hosts a public safety meeting on the second Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. For more information, please contact them at info@nomabid.org
  • Public Safety Services:
    • Public Safety and Prevention— MPDC
    • Emergency Preparedness— HSEMA
  • Public Safety Agencies:
    • Emergency and Safety Alliance
    • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
    • Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
    • Metropolitan Police Department
    • Office of Unified Communications